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Family Research Update
By: Jeff T. Severson
April 28, 2002

There have been a few developments in my family research. I've found several new leads in my research of the Rosenthal and Fellerman families.

I've recently recieved the naturalization records of Joseph Rosenthal and, although the copies are barely readable, I've discovered that his last place of residence, and most likely his place of birth, was in a town called ''Sarump'' in the Gubernia of Lomza, Poland. I've been told that this town is Zareby Koscielne as it's Yiddish name is ''Zaromb'' with the ''b'' and ''p'' being considered linguistically interchangable.

There is a birth record for a Jósko Rozental in 1900 to the parents Icko Rozental and Bejla (née Zarember). I've found that births generally weren't registered on the date of birth but up to 10 yrs. after the actual birth which it appears these people did as there ages are listed 40 and 39, respectively. I've also seen Joseph's mother's name listed a few different ways. On Joseph's death certificate, it is listed as Bella while on his ship manifest, it is listed as Beila so the possiblity of the record I have found being the Joseph Rosenthal in our family is pretty good.

With Joseph's naturalization records, I was also able to discover the ship he arrived here on. It was the S.S. New York which arrived Oct. 30th, 1909. It says that he was visiting a cousin by the name of Henry Eingor who lived at 87 Suffolk Street, NYC, NY. Whether this really was a cousin or someone who was taking in immigrants, I haven't a clue.

I've requested a copy of the original birth record of Jósko Rozental and I will also be sending out a request for another set of copies of his naturalization records.

As for the Fellerman family, the records for the town that Cy Fellerman was researching are now online. There are 17 individuals with the surname of Felerman, which is how the surname used to spelled, listed for the town of Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland. Although the first names are in either Yiddish or Hebrew, several names can be translated into English names which match Cy's family tree. When I have the opportunity, I will be ordering the original records from Poland so hopefully they will contain more information.

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