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New Features & Fixes
By: Jeff T. Severson
March 30, 2002

During the past two months, there have been a few additional features added to The Rosenthal & Severson website. I have also fixed several problems which I was unaware of until recently.

The first new feature to the website is the Contributors section. As people contribute information to my research efforts, I will try to add their name(s) to the Contributors section as a small way of saying ''thank you'' as well as recognizing their efforts.

The second feature can be found in the ''Family Tree'' section of the website. The feature is called ''Family Reports''. Since I'm unable to replicate what a true family tree looks like on a website, I've added this feature as a substitute. There are four types of reports that I can add to the site: Ancestry, Descendents, Family Group and Pedigree.

There have also been several fixes made to the site. The three major fixes have been to the forms. The following forms are now functional: Contact Us, Submit Rumors/Facts and Submit News. If anyone discovers any errors on the website, whether technical or genealogical, please contact me at