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By: Jeff T. Severson
November 29, 2002

It's been almost one full year since I undertook this project. Over the past year, I've been able to compile a large amount of information on both sides of my family.

Research Updates
Joseph Lind Ringkjøb Sivertsen & Siblings
The research for the family of Joseph Lind Ringkjøb Sivertsen, my great-grandfather, has been completed. I now have all the names, birth dates, death dates, etc. for all individuals that are descended from Joseph.

I'm now moving on to the siblings of Joseph: Alfred, Olaf, Emma Swanson and Matilda Rutter. I've been able to gather some information on Matilda's family and I'll hopefully be in contact with one of her grandsons.

Norwegian Ancestors & Relatives
I'm still pursuing information on the ancestors and relatives in Norway. Inge Johansen recently sent me information from Slektsbøkene for Bø, vol I which has a wealth of information on those ancestors. I should have that information online in a week or less.

As of today, the Rosenthal & Severson Family Web site has a new section. Based on conversations with other family members, Joannie Moore brought me the idea of having a family recipe book. That gave me the idea to create a Family Recipe section on the site. The section is broken down by recipe category and allows the user to view a printer-friendly version and email the recipe to a friend. There is also a form for submitting your own recipes. Submitted recipes will not be accessible immediately as they have to be screened by me as a safety precaution.

Severson Family Reunion
Over the past several months, Joannie Moore and I have been discussing a Severson family reunion. We've set the date for August 2nd, 2003 in Minneapolis, MN. We have yet to hammer out all the details but suggestions are more then welcome.

Family Losses
The Rutter family recently lost two members of their family. Franklin Edward Rutter and William Rutter were sons of Edward Rutter and Matilda Sivertsen. Franklin passed away on September 14th, 2002 in Turtle Lake, ND and William passed on October 31st, 2002 in Minot, ND.

I've also been informed recently that Leslie H. Fellerman has passed away. He was the son of David G. Fellerman and Gertrude Kessler.

Another relative, who resided in England, also passed away recently. Leon Fellerman, son of Morris Fellerman and Rose Kandel, passed away on November 8th, 2002.