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Severson Research Update
By: Jeff T. Severson
July 19, 2002

As my research continues, I've found that genealogy consists of cold streaks and hot streaks.

After a few weeks of researching through a dry spell, I've finally hit a hot streak. The past few weeks have proven invaluable. I've been in touch with several family members that I've never spoken to before as well as one or two that I've known my whole life.

Two Severson Branches Finished
With the help of two family members, one who I spoke to for the first time two weeks ago, I've been able to complete the trees of two descendents of Joseph Lind Ringkjb Sivertsen.

Thanks to Sylvia Marie Murphy (Severson), I was able to complete my own family branch. She provided me with the information on her children and grandchildren.

I also have to thank Edward Arlo Englund. He provided me with the information on his mother, Beulah Hazel Englund (Severson) and her family.

The family of Harvey Maynard Severson and Cora Paulene Peterson (Severson) have also been started. For this information, I have both Joannie Carol Moore (Severson) and Nancy Lou Beckman (Peterson) to thank. Joannie provided information on her father's family, Harvey Maynard Severson, and information on the family of Cora Paulene Peterson (Severson). Nancy supplied information on both her parents, Cora Paulene Peterson (Severson) and Aldor Peterson, and her own particular family.

There have been several other family members who have volunteered to gather and provide information. I look forward to hearing from them as it may open more doorways in my research and it will definately offer me more information on the family as a whole.

New Photo Galleries
During the past two weeks, there have been two new photo galleries added to the site. They are entitled ''Severson Family Photos'' and ''Severson Family Photos (set 2)''. All of these photos were sent to me by Alpha L. Sandage (Johnston), daughter of Ells ''Alice'' Anette Johnston (Severson), and they contain photos of individual people, group photos and places.

As of tonight, I've also recieved photos from Joannie Carol Moore. I'll be adding these photos soon so please look for another gallery this coming week.

Ancestor Research/Distant Relative Research
While speaking to Harvey Maynard Severson for the first time and going through Alpha L. Sandage's photos, I was able to gather limited information on the siblings of Joseph Lind Ringkjb Sivertsen. With this information I hope to either have a lead on more information for these people or to get in touch with any of their descendents.

I also have to thank Edward Arlo Englund again for mailing me the information that I recieved today. The package that he sent offers a vast amount of data on the siblings of our ancestors. As I sort through it, I will be adding it to the Family Tree and the Family Reports. Please look for this new information in the coming weeks.

Jeff T. Severson