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Photo Gallery

Descendants of Ole Hermandsen
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The following gallery are photos of the descendants of Ole Hermandsen. The individuals in this gallery are from the line of Bergitte Kristine Elisabet Eilertsen, daughter of Anna Marie Olsen and grand-daughter of Ole Hermandsen.
There are currently 8 images in this photo gallery.
Arnljot Thorsen and his wife Kristine Wilhelmine Schumann and their great grandson Snorre, son of Rune and Ellisiv Yttervik.
l.-r.Rune Yttervik, Snorre Yttervik, Tove Thorsen, Kristine Wilhelmine Schumann and Arnljot Thorsen outside of Tove's house.
l.-r.Rune, Snorre, Ellisiv Yttervik with Torbjørn Bjarne Harald Yttervik in the background.
Rune, Snorre and Ellisiv Yttervik at the hospital after Snorre's birth.
l.-r.Tove Thorsen, Arnljot Thorsen and wife Kristine Wilhelmine Schumann, and Merethe Schumann Thorsen (1992).
Arnljot Thorsen and Kristine Wilhelmine Schumann (1992).