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Photo Gallery

Severson Family Photos (Set 3)
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The following photos were contributed by Joan Carol Moore (Severson) and Patricia Ann Gentry (Monaghan). This gallery contains both group and individual photos.
There are currently 13 images in this photo gallery.
(l.-r.) Ryan Anders Moore, Joan Carol Moore (Severson), Rich 'Dick' Moore and Lindsey Marin Moore (March 1998)
Front: Eric Severson, Rebecca 'Becca' Severson and Caitlin Severson

Middle: Emma Ruth Severson (Nitsche), Ryan Anders Moore, Rose Severson, Gregg Jon Severson and Lindsey Marin Moore

Back: Harvey Maynard Severson, Robert 'Bob' Thomas Severson and Richard 'Dick' Moore (Easter 1999)
Front: Harvey Maynard Severson, Scott Severson and Melvin 'Junior' Severson Jr.

Back: Robert 'Bob' Thomas Severson (July 2001)
Joan Carol Moore (Severson) and her horse (August 2001)
Lindsey Marin Moore and her horse (August 2001)
Lindsey Marin Moore (High School Graduation - 2001)